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Audio editing, Sound fx, Mixing, Mastering
Music production, editing, sound design and mastering for "University of Derby" TV ad.
Complete audio production for the "People Design" promo.
Sound design, audio editing and partial music composition for the "Pocket films" studio promo.
Sound design for the media conferesnce "Login 2013"
Complete sound production for the "" ad.
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Music demos

Music for the "Knygu Kaledos" ad
Version 2 of music for the "Stumbro Degtine" ad
Music for the "Stumbro Degtine" ad.
Music for "Pranamat Eco" TV ad.
Remix we've made for "The Sneekers" and their song called "Fit".

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We offer an audio solutions for your media project, specializing in TV, Web or Radio audio production. Producing quality music, sound design, mixing and mastering.

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